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Janoska Ensemble

Ondrej Janoska | Roman Janoska | Frantisek Janoska | Julius Darvas

Julian Rachlin: As an ensemble “they are a whiff of fresh air”, combining their outstanding, individual talents with their family ties. They have become successful in performing in a variety of genres in their unique “Janoska style”, which is creating a new hybrid genre

Ondrej Janoska, Violin
Roman Janoska, Violin
František Janoska, Piano
Julius Darvas, Double Bass

When they founded the Janoska Ensemble in 2013, brothers Ondrej, Roman and František Janoska and their brother-in-law Julius Darvas created a vision of modern interpretations of works that is at once virtuosic and profoundly personal. United by their family ties and with common roots in classical music, they have produced an array of renditions of popular classics, their own compositions, as well as unique arrangements of jazz, pop and world music. The ensemble, which presented its debut album Janoska Style (Deutsche Grammophon) in May 2016 at the Wiener Konzerthaus, now performs programmes showcasing instrumental expertise and improvised art on three continents.

The Janoska brothers, who were born and bred in Bratislava, and their brother-in-law, who grew up in Constance, enjoy a rich musical heritage and are able to lean on several generations of musicians before them and their music education in Vienna, where they were taught by renowned professors such as Boris Kuschnir, Pavel Vernikov, Peter Čerman and Alois Posch. They feel at home in a variety of musical contexts and have made names for themselves in numerous orchestras and ensembles including the Vienna State Opera Orchestra/Vienna Philharmonic, Vienna Art Orchestra, the Philharmonics and the Roby Lakatos Ensemble. Since the Janoska Ensemble’s founding the musicians have channelled their artistic energies into developing their unique "Janoska Style".