Müller & Pavlik artistic management

Müller & Pavlik Artistic Management

We opened our agency – Müller & Pavlik Artistic Management GmbH - in 2010. After a long period of joint artistic and organisational development work which began in the late 1990s and focused mainly on the Basle Chamber Orchestra, we are now using our agency to optimise shared networks, skills and capacities so that we can provide complementary services in the cultural sector for the benefit of the clients with which we work in this sphere.

With more than 100 concert per year all over the world, we explicitly promote some of the most exclusive Swiss orchestras and ensembles. Our location Switzerland is a very interesting cultural landscape in various ways and as one of the leading Swiss concert agencies we see it as our duty to represent selected projects internationally.

The Basel Chamber Orchestra remains a key priority to our agency. We work alongside our team to take care of every aspect of the ensemble’s artistic management, as well as to plan and liaise on projects on the international concert scene. The Basel Chamber Orchestra is currently the most active Swiss orchestra performing abroad.

The Hagen Quartet takes another special place in our agency. Since 2018 we took over the general management for this legendary string quartet and manage world wide tours and concerts. Playing together for more than 40 years, the Hagen Quartet is considered one of the leading string quartets in the world. 

The Cappella Gabetta and Gstaad Festival Orchestra are outstanding, high-class orchestras which embark on concert tours several times a year. Both have been managed directly by us since we first formed them in 2009. We work closely together with the two orchestras in terms of artistic planning, and are responsible for arranging the details of their concerts and tours.

Dorothee Oberlinger is today one of the most renowned representatives of her instrument. As a soloist, Dorothee Oberlinger plays with the Ensemble 1700, founded by her in 2002, as well as with prestigious baroque ensembles and orchestras. She received multiple ECHO Klassik awards and often works with leading musicians of the Early Music scene.

With the Gershwin Piano Quartet, we promote a highly exciting ensemble which convinces with great artistic quality, original arrangements and a unique mix between jazz and classic.

The members of the Janoska Ensemble are united not only by their talent and family ties, but first and foremost by the musical vision they share. On the strength of their virtuosity and improvisation, the musicians are able to perform a wide-ranging repertoire extending from popular classics and own compositions to unique arrangements that cover genres such as gypsy, tango and pop.

Passion and Precision is the motto of the british chamber choir Tenebrae. The choir is conducted by Nigel Short and has recorded more than 30 CDs since its foundation in 2001. Together with the Latvian Radio Choir, these two choirs make up our world class choral portfolio.

Moreover, our agency works on selected projects within a limited time frame. The services we provide at festivals and concert series in Gstaad, Lucerne, around Basle have enabled us to develop our skill base, and constitute a clear benchmark for the quality of our concert projects.

Christoph Müller & Stefan Pavlik